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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  September 12, 2011 4:00am-6:00am PDT

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over the weekend it was oppressed september bay area weather this is a court shot up the moon and nice pictures start to morning morning and we will have a fairly mild weather we a chance of thunderstorms and when it you can expect at you conceive the fog is contained to the coastline a little edging towards the golden gate bridge
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temperatures are sitting in the '60s pop up turf 63 in san jose 831 as you head further inland by mergers will be climbing into below 86 this is a look of a local temperatures around the bay area mostly fifties and sixties and the satellite and radar we're moving up from the south and the potential of thunderstorms in our later on this afternoon pretty heavy downpour and associated with these thunderstorms today
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cooling by the end of the workweek when temperature now or time now is 7 4:08 a.m. traffic is moving well brought the bay area with and traffic is moving well and all approaches as you make your way toward to the toll plaza drive time about 14 minutes across the span and the golden gate bridge and 101 southbound no delays on your ride >> >> a live look outside and from our roof camera at downtown san francisco so far so good will have more
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headlines to imagine
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>> there is an increase in robberies in the mission district and now a closer look at the problem >> august was a busy month for crooks and cops never discuss police said mission that district where busying >> of us in the mission district responded to 53 robberies in the month of august compared to the previous month robberies' end of the mission are up 5 percent compared to last year despite the presence of the police they are patrolling a hot spots in
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the mission >> we're doing battle tonight as well as more night >> it may be the easy targets people carry more gadgets nowadays and cause there's smaller and lighter . >> my backpack is worth about $4,000 impact >> to atms in the mission district have now decided to close. >> it for 1:00 pm much more and add on the kron 4 morning news we are going to take a bridge and all look up the golden gate bridge. ]s
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because there are more ejections from this game and then there has been before they're not releasing specific numbers on the anniversary of nine all love and this sunday the
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bomb squad was also on standby >> it was just for today and was at&t earlier and then they drove out to candlestick and there were no threats nothing called and >> no officers were allowed to take the day off to meet staffing demands they appreciate at they added security >> season-ticket holders i saw the san francisco police press and and i've never noticed that before there was also i police presence on the field and that was unusual. >> talk about the game it would pretty was a pretty good one for the 49ers they want over the seahawks. he
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returned a kickoff and up pond for two touchdown in the final score 43-17 last year the raiders what the division but lost in the playoffs >> the a's are now on the running this is for the fifth straight season they beat oakland at 8 to one the giants pull out a win against the dodgers with a final score 8-1 >> talk about whether police you have the weather on your side.
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>> a similar forecast that we saw yesterday and we might warm up a few degrees more than yesterday this is an picture of the bay bridge approach cloudy conditions and oakland will warm up to the upper 60s. to the fog is inching its way and of the north bay area of temperatures 60 in san francisco when i fremont 75 for partly cloudy. this is look of our satellite fog map current temperatures
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around the bay area are in the '50s and '60s 75 degrees in fremont and mountain view. half moon bay may see some better showers today. we're keeping our eye on all moister it has funneled up from the sititself we also maisie's them hail from these thunderstorms and gusty winds this is look of your seven day forecasting partly cloudy conditions
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throughout the workweek will cool down by thursday and friday no major changes to the forecast time now for 20 a.m. and now traffic >> now hotspot said on this monday morning a couple accidents are reported none are slowing down your commute. just a few cars on the road way at the toll plaza. this san mateo bridge a un good to go lot the space between car you will have to contend with a little bit of the morning fog not many cars out there no accidents or delays to
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report we have a new accident at 280 right after a 80 lots of green on are mapping if you're going in the northbound direction towards mountain view. >> time now for 20 1:00 a.m. there has been announced increase in the graffiti tags they're blaming it on gained and some of the hardest-hit sections of town >> the number of the graffiti tags and downtime house at 0 to say some of it may be considered graffiti art much of it is out right vandalism they have targeted of this stretch of highway be by 101 are reaches
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senses said 17,000 tanks in district 5 in east san jose and increase over last year also appended a vehicles and delivery trucks have been hit painting over the graffiti in the next 24 hours has could discourage some graffiti. they're continuing to designate places like this as of lots spot >> for 20 3:00 a.m. much more ahead on the kron 4 morning news we're taking a look outside from our mt. tam camera we will be
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updating you on weather and traffic and news in just a few minutes
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>> >> >> on saturday 24 new-line of fire started in texas there is a hundred and 70,000 a. already charged. >> that headline here said a governor perry was said to be here he was to tour the damage and hold a press conference and neither of those things happened this is what his office said it happened he wanted to tour some damage and he also wanted to tour some districts there were restricted local officials
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said we don't want you in here or anyone in their so they did note touring he stayed in austin and canceled a press conference . we are told he is at his home to nightcap he is going to be in texas and we're not sure if he is going to two or any of these areas folks are still waiting to get back in their homes. as to the hairs that were badly burned they may not get back to their homes or what is left of their homes for another week >> we're hearing officials that fire is more than 50 percent contained
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>> i break at 427 and is a look from our walnut creek camera. back with more in a moment
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>> >> >> it is about 438 m and look of the golden gate bridge and we are keeping our eyes on that this morning our top story this half hour >> it out of these bay authorities are looking for a carjacker that led police on a chase through concord this is what happened >> a desperate man in a carjacked of their old left a path of destruction you can see this car speeding away with a highway patrol
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right behind him the driver is this a wanted man they started chasing him in solano county he got into contact up cost for a county and into concord he had the officers and a chopper on his tail he then abandoned the car out he was in witnesses said he ran a red light drove in all wrong interactions and drove through busy residential street cops he took out fences and street kind >> i heard two instinctive impact saw gray and fitting up with a lot of front-end damage >> the suspect drove his car through anything that was in his way >> their radiator was smoking there was rain damage >> a highway patrol in
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concord police found damaged on at this drive but he got away he is the same bedpan that led police on a high- speed chase on saturday night he is unwanted fat on parole >> homicide investigators are on a fatal fire they found two bodies inside the building and the suspicious circumstances are round of this fire >> fire broke out after we won the a.m. on sunday sending residents scurrying from their bed >> we came out with back smoke coming out of the windows >> it was in the front of her unit where firefighters came across a body that could be a woman and also,
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man or was found in the front a bedroom you can see by this shot how bill room is completely black and and you can see the roof has collapsed. >> there was a neighbor he saw individuals and wouldn't sweat shirts come running out of the building and run down this street carrying a candle look like a gas can >> the cause of the blaze is still under investigation they're going to see if that tests are result of filfall play amba.
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>>: it is accused of killing a nursing student missed a previous court appointment she is suspected of killing michele lee last seen leaving kaiser college back in may lee's body has not been discovered it might make the case a little bit harder to prosecute. >> a look of our forecast looks good up their >> we're starting you out with a shot of james select not too bad this morning more along the coast line we're ready dealing with a partly cloudy conditions and was a pretty nice weather getting up to about 80 that
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is warmer as we're going to get. we're seeing a little bit of pettifofog. along the cot half moon bay appoint. keeping s 65 1/2 monday we have a lot of martial moving into the area and wrap it around as low pressure system near we may have thunderstorms in big sur and
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monterey that thunderstorms are producing heavy rain and possibility of hail. this is a look of your seven day forecast slightly cooling pipe thursday and friday and spent temperatures similar to what we are dealing with today >> i've been checking that traffic clogs no major accidents very quiet monday morning. this is a look of the bay bridge toll plaza no major problems. san mateo bridge westbound 92 we're getting more cars heading out words of foster city.
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golden gate bridge southbound 101 practically empty a little morning fog. you'll have to contend with the overnight constructions in the southbound direction we are keeping top speeds of over 50 m.p.h.. all looks good on public transit no delays. and there is a report that a non us will be protesting once again tonight >> time now for 30 7:00 a.m. and the school district is thinking about cuts >> these students said lake view elementary school
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pitfall this school may be closed with said they do not meet that many schools. >> a normal district has 30 to 50 schools and we have a hundred and one we can build a bridge programs >> the school closures will take place over several years and this one espouses list of closures that what may close by the end of the year >> they are not final and or definitive this is what the criteria produced the board has the discretion to disregard these results and make your own decisions >> it is on another number
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of factors this is a list of some of those requirements >> noted said has been made yet had to close late few the final decision will come in late october between now and then there'll be a series of meetings >> much more ahead on the kron 4 morning news and we will have an update on an interview that dr.phil has with casey anthony's parents.
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>> >>
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>> this is wildfires in california where lightning sparked a fire with it is threatening hundreds of homeward will many people have evacuated their homes authorities have closed several rose to keep people out the national weather service's issued red flag warnings for people to be wary of fired endin junes. >> on saturday cal firefighters were putting finishing touches on of viruses >> it was started by lightning in the north gate entrance the lightning strike that started this viper left of dramatic
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evidence of how they said fire began >> a lightning struck the trailer that was right here and burn it down to the ground and that's what started the fire. the extra man and equipment made of fur quick responses to all four fires >> we got the men and equipment in very quickly >> with the possibility of precipitation firefighters still need to be vigilant when lightning strikes occur. >> when lightning hit some of this, but it could smolder in there for hours i. >> and make sure that
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everything is wrapped up. >> the parents of casey anthony will make their first television appearance here it'll be right here on kron 4 june and she was accused of killing her two year-old daughter the interview with the parent's 12 air on tuesday with dr. fell >> these think case he was involved with cady stanton? you think she's a shovel to dig all whole in the ground ? did she go psychotic and lose touch with reality? did you live? >> it is coming up at
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tuesday at 4:00 p.m. we will be right back.
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>> >> nasa lost moon research rocket on sunday it will carry to lower orders into space. orders will pass over formations on the surface impact. >> this is the video from of the capital city of harrisburg in pennsylvania they have nothing to go home to it has destroyed thousands of homes. >> this is there's first
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pennsylvania the good news is the sun is out repair river has receded back into the bank but this is what is left behind the water is still very deep and knee deep in some places it is muddy and dirty blue they have planned a storage treatment plants new that went down and during the flooding. there the front porch is covered with mud and this is the waterline been it is up to my chest level all the placements are already flooded midwest and the water is bubbling up from the storm drains it cannot handle all the runoff. the storm is passed
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and the sun is out it will be days and weeks ahead for cleanups in neighborhoods just >> we focus all our whether youhere. >> just pettifog this morning when we do have a chance of thunderstorms we will start you off with a current temperatures a mixture of '50s and '60s. a warm start to the day when i in 98 am our been will bring end of the 80's hidde been. this
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look of afternoon highs throughout the bay area. your satellite and ray bourque bart show up in stability reveron this low pressure system we're talking about thunderstorms in big certain and monterey and dangerous lightning strikes. this is look of your seven day forecast when.cast.
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>> no hotspots or slowdowns in the bay area the approaches to the break bridge toll plaza no problems when and of the san mateo bridge drive time is still running 14 minutes from end to end. an no delays on the golden gate bridge as out someone onee. whe
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not seeing any it slowdowns on the traffic maps' >> this just into the kron 4 and there's room expert to a bomb has wrought a nuclear plant in southern french this just came into the news room will keep our eye on desperate in the news room will be right back.
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>> >> paul means football and football means tollgate parties your >>, paul where is your favorite program college and our highs goal if you're one of those people that is always missing something when you get make masterly
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less that delegate abdel the features maps and all the tailgating in the immediate area. heidi keep your fence and fred with a constant stream of items on the growth it tegea how to cook veggies perso, and burst >> we have look of the most anticipated move >> that highly and is avoided and droid huang it is on the market this is the
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droid and bionic the pie on that is made by motorola was screen is larger than the iphone it is that the first dual processor it is best of the carrier's this is the fastest more phone on the market i was blown away and how fast it was a concern for the internet this was a different experience if you want fast internet on a foam goethe the bionic it is latest greatest gadget it is over three matter dollars note at verizon with a two-
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year contract >> if he can wait till the holidays you can get the bionic at a cheaper price perhaps some >> where will take a quick break in more weather traffic and new-line
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>> >> we're starting the hour out with stocks a drop in
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stocks after a big drop on friday futures are under of hundred points right now and a all eyes are on greased with medieval town on their payments. global markets are falling sharply in japan that it is down 2.3% that its lowest since april of 2009 hong kong is down 4.2% french banks are facing a credit rating we are waiting for our delta open maps'.
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>> the ceo of bank of america's waiting to hear a major announcement they're going to eliminate 3000 jobs are 10% they speculate that i could break up into smaller units. the white house dead of present world bomb off walls and that jobs bill to congress today he is calling for swift passage he wants to lower the social security payroll taxes and spending for hire teachers in they will join the president in the rose garden we will be following that today >> police in concord are
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searching for amanda carjacked to carson with the details >> it is amazing no one was hurt or killed on his rampage hopefully will get more information on the suspect this is video of his path of destruction he made his way into concord and that's how the police got involved in the ditch the initial car to 40 2:00 p.m. and a short time later police got a phone call another person was carjacked it was the same as suspect the when ottawa 5 small red badge and he was going fast down residential streets and almost 80 other cars along the way and didn't care what was in his path then he ditched the at pine street they found out
5:03 am
he was not inside the car this is a picture of the suspect he is a parolee and they're not sure why they started raising salmon in a barry beginning if you see this guy here give the police call. hopefully will get more informations on as from the concord police department with >> part is morning commuters there may be in a protest today to protest galt anonymous posted it on twitter that it will happen . commuter should consider alternative transportation
5:04 am
today. percepts have been above ground and with the bart wording you should make other plans today >> we had a lightning fighting in diablo >> near the central valley we have a temper cent chance of thunderstorms a little greater if you head south to monterey we have more deposits and coastal fog mild the bridgeses' after an much like yesterday looking at '60s and '70s further in land and he we will see the '80s. the fog was pulled
5:05 am
away from the coastline that north bay will see dancer fog right now it is patchy at best this is a look of current temperatures around the bay area as you can see fifties and sixties. this is all critter afternoon highs around the neighborhoods whe. and this love view of the
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radar it can see that more interactivity we expect, but to come are wet there is a temperature gets sent chance and this is all we're 74 cast and then we cool off even more as we head into the latter end of the week >> quiet start for the morning commute we're not tracking any hotspots or delays we start at the bay bridge toll plaza no delays as you come in from the macarthur maze it is an easy commute here as well as the san mateo bridge headlights
5:07 am
are eastbound a drive time is 13 mineta: gate bridge no problems. these are look of traffic maps' in when will delays or problems with all looks good about droi. >> the planned land that has
5:08 am
been noted as grounds here wrote is open to the public today the 911 memorial will open its gates at 7:00 a.m. our time it let of few thousand people that made internet reservations be able to walk the groundswell and stare at to enormous funds visitors will also be able to run their figures over the names of over three and thousand people the ordeal. >> live pictures and of increased security in new york city right now this is a columbus circle this is up time and from where the world trade centers where i watched them stop numerous carson we occupier eyes open
5:09 am
on at this situation as they are little on the engine repairs
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>> >> the only member of that survive that plane crashed has now passed away a killed and 44 people he died this morning of severe burns they cover 90 percent of his body it was outside the city of yaroslavl including 37 players coaches and staff of all local hockey club and member of the flight crew is being treated.
5:13 am
>> dozens of cars with libya families in anticipation of an assault by revolutionary forces have been battling khaddafi forces since friday it is 90 mi. south of tripoli. there rebels to look for khaddafi >> much more at ahead on the kron 4 morning news and a live look outside from mt. tam camera and we will talk about your weather and traffic in just a few minutes.
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>> >> we're keeping non tropical storm or remembered you conceive of
5:17 am
flooding rains that are starting to show up in sandlot is going to shrink from a hurricane is far enough off to the east coast bermuda could have some concerns could bring waves to the east coast this property to name storm of this season. >> firefighters in southern california are our fighting wildfires this is what they are up against lightning strikes early saturday started a fire at a scorched 30,000 a. now and threatening hundreds of homes residents and small want communities have already fled others are being told to be prepared to leave quickly they have closed some road to keep people out of the danger area >> awful moon and sends a
5:18 am
ballot clouds out there with some fog as will look at the forecast >> you can see how clear that golden gate bridge shot is the fog has pulled back from the coast for now. your ride on south on 101 is looking still pretty good. this is look of current temperatures around the area that is what looks like if you're not sure this morning . u.s. looking for to
5:19 am
mergers in the mid-80s support in antioch and fearful and concord climbe. the wheel looking at at percent chance of rain when we're this is look of your seven day forecasting a little cold dawn on a thursday and friday. time
5:20 am
now 519 a m and your commute >> no problems are hotspots freer driver around the bay area a quick bridge check traffic leading to the toll plaza is still very light no delays on any of their approaches san mateo bridge easy grinded in both directions: gate bridge problem free and dot in both directions. an east bay check on interstate 80 at looks good and this is a look of your traffic maps' all is in the green. the
5:21 am
right of public transit is trouble free and the problems >> 520 a m. kennedy tells a philadelphia police returned home after he was struck by a hit-and-run driver after a giant sleazes game 9 year- old ryan white and returned home saturday hundreds of neighbors and well-wishers and were there to welcome and now this is video from the night he was struck me had spent 11 days in the hospital with before they could transport impact to
5:22 am
his hometown of philadelphia a bay area man has been charged a woman accused of killing her student michele lee may be arraigned monday is accused of killing a michele lee and mirror and that is video of as abundant conrad and she is also to be assigned an attorney without a body it'll be harder to prosecute. >> up live look at the james lick we will be right back.
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>> >> returning a kickoff from a touchdown these was to make 2.2 million share is $8 million just to make the roster a at a punt and kickoff return for two touchdowns specs the raiders are preparing for their season opener airplane the denver rockets last year the raiders went beyond our division but lost in the playoffs. texas rangers beat oakland 8-1 eliminating the a's from contention and the giants they pulled out out when although they did not win this series 8-01 they
5:27 am
trail the diamondbacks by aid and a half games. >> i've been asking friends of our facebook fan page if they are rallying behind the giants and we do has some supporters out there this is some of the contact mets we are receiving...... if you like to leave your own comments just like us on facebook fan page and leave your comments and i may read them on the air >> we will be right back as the kron 4 morning news continues her and this is look of the bay bridge toll
5:28 am
plaza we're starting to see backups before 6:00 a.m..
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>> >> where a police chase " with the matter hijacking two cars and eluding police is a bazaar >> cordially no one was killed or injured this is video we got up the chase the made his way into concord he did to the first car a few moments later the concord police department got and phone call another car was carjacked this happened on pine struck for
5:31 am
the next 5 mi. he went through concord going in the wrong going down fast down residential streets to breaking through vents is no one was seriously injured and then they spotted the car with on myrtle drive 5 mi. initially from where he originally stole a car and when they got there he was gone what he is considered armed and dangerous this is a picture of him they need your help and his name is justin cooper he is a parolee we're not sure why he was being chased from his actions they consider him very dangerous he may have a gun on him if used bought him down to anything because of what he has done just give concord police a call.
5:32 am
this is a developing story and much more throughout the morning. >> 531 is the time if you are planning on taking part to work part is warning commuters there may be another protest he might want take alternative transportation they confirmed on their twitter account there will be a protest today this is video from the recent protest by another group commuters should consider another way to get our way home tonight on the last four mondays anonymous is had protest.
5:33 am
time right now 5:32 a.m. and starting the work week >> we have beautiful weather on tap for the weekend just a sample richmond 62 and cloudy oakland 70 mostly sunny mild still a beautiful day on capitol across the bay area. the fog is pulling back to along the coast line will let you know when
5:34 am
visibility is reduced because of talthe fog. this is a look of current temperatures and i now you can see mostly '50s and '60s. this is a look of your afternoon highs when as you conceive 80 degree temperatures a brother in land. this is a look of your
5:35 am
seven day forecast monday tuesday when stay fairly even temperatures getting into the low 80s and then we will cool off thursday and end ride will be a mild weekend ahead cool time now 534 and traffic >> this is a shot of the macarthur maze on westbound 581 that the headlines from highway 24 me that the traffic that leads to our toll plaza you can still see a light traffic and. we are not tracking any hotspots san mateo bridge looks good
5:36 am
dumbarton bridge problem free won a one southbound no delays as you head from marin county easy ride highway 40 eastbound the south bay traffic all are in the third green. >> more on that breaking news story the nuclear explosion happened in
5:37 am
france and of an exploded in the plant killing one person and injuring one other but no radiation leak when. why >> opening bell walls treated less than an hour- and-a-half dow futures down 204 points right now the concern is overgrazed unfolding on their we're looking for a big drop again today local >> time right now 5:37 a.m. and this is our look from our roof of light lit up
5:38 am
this morning when we're going down of a cool week this week will we right going down of a cool week this week will we right backs. sea bass... ♪ ooohhh! ♪ i like it. yeah, i love the kitchen. [ male announcer ] the epa-estimated 42 mpg highway chevy cruze eco. perfect for finding your way home.
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>> >> firefighters on the body in the back bedroom could be a woman and they also found a body in the front room could be a man you can see that some of the roof is gone fire investigators are
5:42 am
digging rather rubble they're looking into suspicious activity that was reported >> there was a neighbor that said he saw several individuals with hooded sweat shirts running out of the building carrying a candle >> investigators have not been able to ask them to keep those claims oakland homicide is also investigating to see of the deaths are off fall plan. when it gets in your home building that is to close whil. >> san mateo bridge and traffic is starting to thicken up a better will be right backer.
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>> >> mostly sunny skies and a sunny well as 73 degrees san jose 80 degrees and mostly sunny of state is 84 and signed low cloud cover from battle over the past and rosa none of it has hit the ground yet so far so good with visibility not much fog anywhere else this is a look of horror temperatures are currently 58 in oakland and 60 in san francisco. this
5:47 am
afternoon a different story in the south bay temperatures will get to 87 degrees bopper warmer than it shipping in any event i the afternoon highs will get into the mid '80s this is a look of your seven day forecast. we are keeping it mounted the beginning part of the week and we will have another mild weekend no hot weather as we head into the middle of september >> no problems still hotspot said around the bay area easy ride to the bay bridge you when when no congestion on the approaches san mateo
5:48 am
bridge 92 problem free lighter than usual. golden gate bridge no delays southbound. an east bay check we pick up the highly way ride all is looking very good whe. as you can see most of the maps are green that means a good fast ride.
5:49 am
>> >> at 548 to allow fires burning in texas taxes is suffering its worst dry spell since 189524 new files as part upper on top of the water and 70,000 a. the were jarred last week's the governor was to tourism less severe damaged areas and this is why >> that headlines year that governor perry was supposed to be he applies to to lure some of the damaged area and held a press conference he wanted to tour some damaging areas that are still restricted work and they were restricted even for the governor they told
5:50 am
him they don't want him there would they did not do any touring he stayed in austin and canceled the tour and press conference. we're told he is at his home this evening is going to be in texas we're not sure if he is going to tour any of this area later on at in the week debars slowly and allowed back into their homes the areas that were badly burned at those talks may not be allowed back to their homes for another week >> that fire is now 50 percent contained >> a trial date could be set today for your inventor
5:51 am
slow he was the chief suspect in the unsolved disappearance of the u.s. team natalie holloway in aruba will be right back the kron 4 morning news continues our eyes are still going to be on wall street dow futures are down now are hundred and 99 points.
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man: the forecast -- plenty of sunshine through today with seasonable temperatures. we should reach our normal high by this afternoon. hey, ellen! what are you doing? not much -- just brewing up some dunkin' donuts coffee. want some? [ whoosh! ] i'd love some. one taste, and you'll understand. delicious dunkin' donuts coffee. mm! good! pick some up where you buy groceries. hey, did you ever think about getting curtains? america runs on dunkin'.
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>> >> jay leno is getting over
5:55 am
it marked an escalation was reported catalina new-line the bradley cooper and a restaurant in new york boi wha. will add more entertainment headlines in the next hour >> the news bart phone is on the market >> the highly anticipated droid phone is here it is on the market this is a good droid and bionic it is made by motorola has a large dutch green is the first dual processor board gp processor this is the first
5:56 am
is smart phone on the market i was blown away how fast the speed at was like surfing up on a laptop would this was a different experience if you want fast internet on a phone call look at the bionic that droid bionic is $300 at verizon and a two year contract when besides the high speed and you can store 48 some on the phone raba. it might merit the and droid phone at the $300 replacement do not wait three or four months and they dropped to $250 a
5:57 am
whopper if you wait till the holidays you may get a better deal wa. >> not sure if you went to the movies and contagion everyone went to that one it made at 23.1 million coming in second was the helm it is still holding after the three solid weeks and in third place is with a 5.6 million >> bay area weather very quiet it will be in the mid- 80s and why as we head towards thursday and friday for the weekend
5:58 am
>> police are searching for a suspect in a car chase and carjacking we will have a live report on that >> keeping eyes on wall street and the dow jones industrials more details in just a few minutes
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